Turks and the Turkish Language

♦ You will find Turkish radios, newspapers, tv channels, and
their brief histories. Most of them provide live stream that
you can listen to online.

♦ Turks have adapted different scripts for the Turkish language
throughout the history. You will read about these scripts
and learn about the literal Turkish language.
Author: Avila, A.R

♦ How do humanbeings acquire their first language? You will
learn about the stages and communication types. It is quite
different than learning a second language.

♦ How was the life for Turks in the era of world famous Constantinople?
The “eternal enemies” Turks and Greeks.
Author: Avila, A.R

♦ There are millions of Turks living abroad today. How is
the situation for these Turks of diaspora? The article draws
an interesting picture.

♦ We are taking a closer look at what is a language.
You will find some informative terminology in the page.