Family members – Turkish Vocabulary

Vocabulary list – Family members in the Turkish language

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Vocabulary Tip:

What do you get from vocabulary acquisition?

Does guessing the meaning correctly mean  ‘vocabulary acquisition’? Will you remember the meaning when you encounter that word for the second time? Let’s assume that you successfully remembered the meaning. However, this doesn’t mean that you will use it in a correct way. And the last and toughest step: you may not remember the word in real life situations when you just need to use it. Being able to use it automatically may require several exposures to that word in different times and situations.

In your first language, you learn new words because of extensive exposure. In your foreign language, however, this may not be possible unless you live abroad as a foreigner. Recent research shows that acquisition in the first language and the second language is NOT the same. Consequently, you need different materials and approaches. With the correct methods and strategies, development in the second language happens faster for adults than children.

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turkish family

Vocabulary List:

Türkçe İngilizce
Anne Mother
Baba Father
Kardeş Sibling
Abi Big brother
Abla Big sister
Kız kardeş Sister
Erkek kardeş Brother
Babaanne Paternal grandmother
Anneanne Maternal grandmother
Dede Grandpa
Nine or Nene Granny
Amca Paternal uncle
Dayı Maternal uncle
Hala Paternal aunt
Yenge Maternal aunt
Enişte Brother-in-law (Sister’s husband)
Bacanak Brother-in-law (Wife’s sister’s husband)
Akraba Relative

Have you ever wondered why the Turkish language is rich in the vocabulary concerning family members whereas the English language is poor?


NOTE: There is two-second break between each audio track. Try to pronounce your best before the track is played. You can repeat this activity until you feel comfortable with your pronunciation.