House – Turkish Vocabulary

Vocabulary list – House in the Turkish Language

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Vocabulary Tip:

The chemistry of learning a word is affected by various things: effort, interest, learning environment, cultural association, exposure to that word, availability of practicing the word etc. You may not learn to speak Spanish as fast as an Italian or a Portuguese. Cultural association, having a common ancient language or religion, all these things matters. So, never believe a person or a website that offers everyone the same ‘best’, ‘most effective’ or ‘faster’ language learning system. Every learner needs to take different methods and strategies depending on the context, task, ‘person’.

Speaking in your second language is not easy. However, there is no reason that you can’t. Stop blaming yourself or the website/software/book you have used. You just can’t learn to speak a language with one book or website. Whatever strategy you take, ‘using’ the word in different contexts again and again (if necessary) must be your focus.

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parts of a house in turkish

Vocabulary List:

Turkish English
Oda Room
Mutfak Kitchen
Oturma odası Living
Çocuk odası Kid’s room
Yatak odası Bedroom
Antre Entrance
Balkon Balcony
Teras Terrace
Merdiven Stairs
Banyo Bathroom
Tuvalet Toilet
Lavabo Washroom
Koltuk Couch
Yatak Bed
Vitrin Showcase
Kitaplık Bookcase
Masa Table
Halı Carpet



NOTE: There is two-second break between each audio track. Try to pronounce your best before the track is played. You can repeat this activity until you feel comfortable with your pronunciation.