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Vocabulary list – Science

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Vocabulary Tip:

Which strategy do you need to take?

Guessing the meaning from a text is a common method in classrooms. Learning an unknown word by this technique is called ‘incidental acquisition’. Nevertheless, this technique is only recommended for those learners who have a large repertoire of vocabulary. On the other hand, you can’t try to use this method on every text. Proper texts consist of enough contextual clues. Studies show that reading self-selected texts and using both incidental and intentional acquisition techniques is a lot more successful. In brief, a beginner and an intermediate/advanced learner shouldn’t follow the same learning program.

How effective is using a dictionary?

As we said earlier, a combination of incidental and intentional vocabulary learning is the best method because an incidental learning approach doesn’t teach you the pronunciation, nor the different usage. Studies show that good students check etymological history and collocations of the word and try to use the word in real situations. Conversely, poor learners make a list and try to memorize the first meaning of the word.

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Vocabulary List:

Turkish English
Bilim Science
Matematik Math
Cebir Algebra
Fen Science
Edebiyat Literature
Dil bilgisi (Gramer) Grammar
Kelime bilgisi Vocabulary
Yabancı dil Foreign language
Fizik Physics
Biyoloji Biology
Kimya Chemistry
Üniversite University
Okul School
Lise Lycee
Doktor Doctor
Avukat Lawyer
Hakim Judge
Laboratuvar Lab



NOTE: There is two-second break between each audio track. Try to pronounce your best before the track is played. You can repeat this activity until you feel comfortable with your pronunciation.