2017 Referandumu (Referendum of Turkey)

Red cities “No”; Blue cities “Yes”

The referendum has resulted. No campaign that is led by Erdoğan narrowly won with 51% “Yes”. Erdoğan won another victory. This victory involves more powers on him. Even though he won this referendum, numbers show us that his party (AKP) is not able to form the government alone in the next elections but by some kind of coalition with another party.

The biggest three cities of Turkey, Istanbul, Ankara, İzmir voted for “Hayır”. Votes coming from provinces and Europe (Turks living in Germany, Austria, France etc.) were in the favor of “Evet”.

The boom of conservative thinking surprisingly is being widespread in the world. On the Turkish media, It is quite controversial if Turkey needs a radical political change right now. We will wait and see if this constitutional amendment will be good for Turkey or a leap in the dark.