Turks living in Germany

a capture from the movie “Willkommen in Deutschland” (2011)

Why so many Turks live in Germany?

German industry was booming and the country desperately needed manpower. 50 years ago large numbers of Turks started streaming into Germany in order to help country’s labor shortage. Millions of them and their next generation remain there today. German may not have expected the Turks to settle, but they did after some generation. Today, 3 million Turks live in Germany and some of them feel Germany as their home.

Turkish-decent students go through the German education system with their German classmates. Statistically, they don’t have a bright future ahead as much as German classmates. There is one main reason for that: Language. In order to get a proper education, a student must speak German as though it is the mother tongue. If not, uneducated students having integrity issues have been created. However, the vast majority of Turks lately generates bilingual students.

Which problems do Turks face in Germany and other European countries?

Language is not the only burden that the Turks are facing. Many Turks believe that the prejudice is still widespread. Some of them have suffered from discrimination due to the difference in their cultures. Stereotyping against a minority group is a thing that everybody does without even realizing. Numerous German citizen and right wing consider Muslim immigrants as a threat to their culture, civil balance, and ‘western values‘.

Media, tv shows, and newspapers reinforced the stereotypes especially after nine eleven. The religion of people began to be more important than ever after nine eleven. In German tv series or fictional media, you never hear a Turk without a forced accent. The Turkish never have a proper job in proper living conditions for the fiction. How much of these things are made consciously or unconsciously? That’s another controversial topic. After all, people living in Europe should have the right of deciding who is going to enter their country.

Latest statistics show that remigration rates are at peaks. In the late history, Turkish people consider not to go to Germany anymore or if they live in Germany, they prefer to turn back to their motherland. The main reason for that is Turkey have improved social and economic conditions compared to the past. Today, however, there are new issues in Turkey such as poor freedom of speech, anti-democratic and oppressive government. Even though these conditions do not cause large numbers to migrate, we hear, that a journalist or a lawyer having problems with the president takes refugee to Germany or England. Politics in Turkey have always been intriguing. Integration efforts to modernity surprisingly result in anti-democratic acts. We will wait and see in the future whether Turks continue to stay in their motherland or strive for living abroad in seek of welfare.