Greetings – Turkish Vocabulary

  1. The list of the words is below.
  2. Don’t forget to read the vocabulary tips.
  3. You can download the audios of the words with the link at the bottom of the post.

Vocabulary Tip:

Don’t expect the best pronunciation to come out at the beginning. It is about muscles. You must try again and again. The correct pronunciation will come eventually.

Finding someone to correct your mistakes, and building up the working relationship is not easy at all! So, Never get frustrated when your mistake is corrected.

The reason that you can’t speak the language you want to learn is not because you used the wrong software or wrong website. Every software/website/book is just a helpful tool. You can’t expect to learn a language with one book, or records that you will only listen to when you’re driving, or software with fancy pictures and glamorous sounds. They are going to be helpful, for sure. Maybe you must use one of those. But let’s be honest, speaking a language requires some effort…

To continue reading vocabulary tips, please go to the next course “transportation“.

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List of the Words:

Nasılsın?(Nasılsınız?)How are you?
Teşekkürler.Thank you.
İyiyim, teşekkürler.I’m good, thank you.
İyi değilim.I’m not good.
Siz nasılsınız?How are ‘you’?
Sen nasılsın?How are ‘you’?
İyi günlerGood day (Bonjour)
İyi gecelerGood nights
TünaydınGood afternoon
Görüşmek üzereSee you later
Ben Mehmet. (Benim adım Mehmet.)I am Mehmet. (My name is Mehmet.)
Senin adın ne?What is your name?
Tanıştığıma memnun oldum.Nice to meet you.



NOTE: There is two-second break between each audio track. Try to pronounce your best before the track is played. You can repeat this activity until you feel comfortable with your pronunciation.