Tourist – Turkish Vocabulary

Vocabulary list – Necessary vocabulary that a tourist may need in Turkey:

  1. The list of the words is below.
  2. Don’t forget to read the vocabulary tips.
  3. You can download the audios of the words with the link at the bottom of the post.

Vocabulary Tip:

Knight did one dictionary research in 1994 and realized that learners who had high verbal abilities used a guessing method. Conversely, learners with low verbal abilities used more dictionary. Also, high verbal ability students looked up the dictionary even if they knew the meaning. So far, it is interesting. Finally, it is concluded that using both the dictionary and a guessing technique is the best. And learners who equally do that are the learners that will remember more the words after 15 days.

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Proven Tips:

  1. Practicing words out loud is proven to be the most effective method. Adding drama and emotion to the words/pronunciation makes you remember the word for a longer period of time.
  2. Spare some time to memorize but make it short and intense with emotion and drama. Do not spend too much time memorizing the words. 15 to 20 minutes is ideal.
  3. Also, writing meaningful sentences with your new words keeps your vocabulary alive.

To continue reading vocabulary tips, please go to the next course “culture“.

(The oldest shopping mall in the world) El Gran Bazar | by Iker Merodio | Photography

Vocabulary List:

Otelde kalıyorum.I stay in an hotel.
Taksim Otel’inde kalıyorum.I stay in the Taksim hotel.
Bir oda istiyorum. (in a hotel)I want a room.
Oda tutmak istiyorum.I want a room. (yes, same meanings)
Boğaziçi turuBosphorus tour (by ferries)
Kapalı çarşıGrand bazaar
Aya sofyaHagia Sophia
Sultan Ahmet camiiBlue mosque

Grand Bazaar, Istanbul

Vocabulary List 2:

Alışveriş merkezi (AVM)Shopping mall
PazarOutdoor market
Alışveriş yapmak(to) Shop
Alışveriş yapmak istiyorum.I want to shop.
Nerede alışveriş yapabilirim?Where can I shop?
Kaç lira?How much?
Ne kadar?How much? (same meaning.)
Bu elbise kaç lira?How much is this dress?
Bu kitap kaç lira?How much is this book?
LiraTurkish currency
Kredi kartıCredit card
Nasıl ödeyebilirim?How can I pay?
Nasıl ödeyebilirim? Kredi kartı, nakit?How can I pay? Credit card or cash?


NOTE: There is two-second break between each audio track. Try to pronounce your best before the track is played. You can repeat this activity until you feel comfortable with your pronunciation.