Learn Turkish FAST
With This Unique Course



Big websites and apps try to teach you every language with the same syllabus by matching photos and words. And they fail. Our syllabus is designed for the Turkish language and we constantly adopt it according to learners’ needs.

Actual Conversations You Have With Your Turkish Neighbor

Our program is built on daily situations you encounter every day.

Casual Language and
Cultural Notes

You will understand spoken Turkish and quickly adapt to actual conversations.

We Are Not Babies, And We Don’t Learn the Same Way They Do!

Grammar can teach something in a minute that can take years to figure out alone.

After You Complete the Course, You Will Be Able To

Understand Turkish movies, newspapers, or Turkish series.

Use slang words, expressions, and basic argot that you cannot find anywhere else.

Master Turkish grammar and have enough knowledge to pass B1+ levels in exams.

Check Out The Free Lessons

Audio: Talking About Your Schedule With a Friend

  • Beginner Level

In the dialogue, you’ll hear two colleagues talking about the schedule of one of them. You’ll learn some useful sentences like “How’s schedule tomorrow?” or “Do you want to meet tomorrow?“.

Exercise: A-type Vowel Harmony

  • Beginner Level

You’ll learn how to attach suffixes correctly by using vowel harmony rules. You’ll practice with the locative case suffix (-DA), ablative case suffix (-DAn) and plural suffix (-lAr).

Audio: Talking to the Hotel Receptionist

  • Intermediate Level

Having a basic conversation with the hotel receptionist, expressing what you want and asking simple questions can help you a lot during your vacation. In the dialogue, you’ll hear a conversation between a receptionist and a guest.