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Learn real Turkish with a well-organized curriculum so that you don’t miss anything! Learn grammar by watching grammar videos, practice with hundreds of exercises, and listen to the Turkish that is being spoken today.

Overcome these problems: Unanswered Questions Forgetting Words Easily Using Out-of-Date Turkish Annoying Stories


Hoş Geldiniz!

Hi, I’m Çağlar:

Turkish is an agglutinative language that belongs to a totally different language family than Indo-European. For that reason you must follow a different path when you are learning Turkish. The curriculum I have prepared with my team is unique for the Turkish language and makes the process a lot faster and more efficient.

Something else that other sources overlook is teaching grammar.

Let me be honest with you: There is no  technique that can teach you a foreign language in three weeks or while you are sleeping. Learning a language is only possible with serious grammar training. It’s not magic. We are not babies, so we don’t learn the way they do. That’s why it is important to think of grammar as something that helps you.

The curriculum gives you all the grammar you need for B1 level (of Common European Framework) with key explanations that you can not find in other places. If you still have a question, you can ask it in the discussion period following each topic. All your questions will be answered.

I look forward to hearing from you. If you have further questions, you can use the contact form. I’ll answer personally.

Görüşmek üzere. Kendinize iyi bakın!


Fluency is significantly easier when you know grammar:

You’ll learn all the Turkish grammar you need and a large amount of vocabulary (3500+ words) which is beyond the necessary amount for fluency with our system. If you still have questions, you can write them down during the discussion period after each topic and have all your questions answered.

The Spoken Turkish:

The spoken Turkish that is being generally taught in classrooms or in textbooks is a fiction. It is based on the ideas of how Turkish should be spoken, not on how Turkish people actually speak. That’s why we introduce only up-to-date grammar and vocabulary that you could hear in the streets of Istanbul. You can also watch short interviews in which we ask natives about their fears, Turkish tv series, aliens and more.

Choose Your Level

Turkish Grammar
Learn Turkish – Level 1
$7.45 / Month
Hold a conversation with a Turkish native and express yourself, your family, the weather or what you are doing. After you complete this course, you’ll be able to read any texts in Turkish with correct pronunciation and understand everyday life scenarios.

Turkish Grammar
Learn Turkish – Level 2
$7.45 / Month
After you complete this course: you’ll be able to meet everyday requirements in Turkish. Begins to understand Turkish broadcasting or newspapers. Your speaking gets accelerated and you can start a conversation with Turkish natives about important subjects.

Turkish Grammar
Learn Turkish – Level 3
$7.45 / Month
After you complete this course: you’ll understand long texts and implicit meanings. Speak confidently and make structured sentences. Understand Turkish intuitively and talk about abstract concepts in Turkish. Engage in the long conversation on controversial topics.

Turkish Grammar
Learn Turkish – Level 1 & 2 or Level 2 & 3
$12.45 / Month
Get two levels separately according to your Turkish level. Don’t forget to check the curriculum before deciding.

Turkish Grammar
Learn Turkish – Level 1 & 2 & 3
$15.75 / Month
Starts from the very beginning and progress to an intermediate level of speaking, reading, writing and understanding. You’ll be able to: speak Turkish with fluency or read implicit texts with ease. You’ll master Turkish grammar and gain a huge amount of Turkish vocabulary.

*Subscription billed as one payment and does not renew automatically after its expiration date. All plans carry an unconditional 7-day money-back guarantee.


EFFECTIVE: Save time and money. Follow the shortest path!

Studying Turkish with the wrong tutor with out-of-date textbooks could cause you to lose from $1000-3000. And you will be left with out-of-date grammar and lack of confidence when speaking Turkish. Don’t lose time and money with wrong decisions!

LOST IN GRAMMAR: All questions answered.

If you learn something wrong, that wrong knowledge or pronunciation stays with you, and it is hard to correct later on. It’s important to learn things correctly the first time and not ignore your unanswered questions. With our curriculum, you’ll learn correctly and get explanations for your questions.

REPEAT CORRECTLY: You won’t forget what you have learned.

People tend to forget because we are not machines. You may easily forget a word or a suffix that you learned yesterday and as a result you could lose your motivation. Our system allows for forgetfulness. You’ll regularly repeat things that you learn and the information will stay with you.

A very good source of information to add to your studying repertoire.Physically hearing an explanation has helped things to click for me that reading alone would not allow.

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