We want Turkish learners to find all they need to speak Turkish in one source. For that reason, we have developed this practical and well-organized program that introduces grammar and vocabulary without complicating it. Since 2016, we have been redesigning the program based on students’ wishes and needs.

Who Are We?

Çağlar Öksüzoğlu – Istanbul Technical University / Buenos Aires University
Grammar Instructor & Designer of the Program

He has been teaching Turkish and Spanish for more than 8 years both individually or in groups. He has a degree in engineering and is passionate about languages, coding and writing. He has published several articles/short stories in major Turkish journals and magazines including the oldest one, Varlık.

Havva Gökçe Çavdar – Ankara University
Native Turkish-Speaking Teacher

She is a certified teacher from Tömer who has studied philology in Ankara University. Currently, she is doing her master’s in second language vocabulary acquitision. She has worked with United Nations, Middle Eastern Technical University and UKDA.

Dilara Bayık – 9 Eylül University
Native Turkish-Speaking Teacher

She got her bachelor’s degree in Linguistics, from 9 Eylül University. She worked in several schools as a Turkish and English language teacher, and as a school manager. She’s been teaching Turkish for foreigners since 2007 and writing her own textbook materials.

Sinem Şahin – Anadolu University
Voice of the recordings & Designer of the program

She has been teaching English and Turkish for more than 10 years in state schools. She graduated from Anadolu University (Eskişehir) with a degree in English language teaching.

Doriana Corat – Istanbul University
Voice of the recordings

She is a student at Istanbul University. She studies restoration and conservation of cultural heritage.