The Story

The idea of creating this website started when we saw that there was not a useful source to learn Turkish online. There are some helpful programs, but we couldn’t find a well-organized, detailed one.

Our videos, exercises, and grammar explanations are all made by us with full attention to detail. We have learned a lot while creating all of this, and we really enjoyed it! I hope our efforts are helpful for you, and you can be a part of our joy.

Lastly, learning a language is a journey: enjoy it! When you realize that you can finally speak Turkish or any foreign language, you’ll understand that it’s worth all the effort you have spent.

Apart from our friendship, what bonds us together is languages:

Çağlar Öksüzoğlu – Istanbul Technical University / UBA
Grammar Instructor

He has been teaching Turkish and Spanish for more than 7 years both individually or in groups. He has published several articles/short stories in major Turkish journals and magazines including the oldest and the most prestigious one, Varlık.

Agustín Avila – UBA / Boğaziçi University
Designer of the curriculum/course

He has a degree in philology. He is currently continuing his education in Boğaziçi Üniversitesi (İstanbul) studying Byzantium history. He published numerous articles in major journals both in Spanish and English.

Sinem Şahin – Anadolu University
Voice of the recordings

She has been teaching English for more than 10 years in state schools. She graduated from Anadolu University (Eskişehir) with a degree in English language teaching.

*Credit for the images used in the levels: Scott D. Haddow (flickr)