Introduction: Talking About Food at a Restaurant

Having lunch or dinner outside is one of the most fun activities if you’re having tasty food in your dish. Complaining about your food is as important as eating it. So let’s try to learn some words and phrases that’ll help you when you are talking about your food.

Please try to answer the following questions by listening to the dialogue:

1st. Part:

  • Who did suggest the place?
  • What are they eating?
  • What are the complaints about their food?
  • Do they like the salad?

2nd. Part:

  • Is the food tasty?
  • Do they both like their dish?
  • Does the restaurant have a beautiful view?

Key Vocabulary:

  • Galiba
  • Zevk
  • Zevksiz
  • Kim bilir?
    Who knows?
  • Izgara
  • Manzara
  • Vasat
  • Boşver
    Drop it