Introduction: Buying Meds in Pharmacy

You can obtain various drugs in pharmacies without prescriptions. Knowing how to say “painkiller”, “medication” or “pill” can be useful during your time in Turkey. For the drugs that require a special prescription, you may need to see a doctor and explain your problems, hopefully in Turkish.

Please try to answer the following questions by listening to the dialogue:

  • What’s the illness of the patient?
  • Does the throat of patient hurt?
  • Which drugs does the pharmacist give?
  • Is there any side effect? If yes, what is it?
  • Does the medicine pharmacist give cure the disease? How much do they cost?

Key Vocabulary:

  • İlaç
    Medication, pill
  • Ağrı
  • Uykuya dalmak
    To fall asleep
  • Uyanmak
    To wake up
  • Tane
  • Boğaz
  • Ateş
  • Etken madde
    Active ingredient
  • Yan etki
    Side effect
  • Tedavi etmek
    To heal, to treat
  • Hafifletmek
    To ease
  • Hassas
  • Sigorta
  • İhmal etmek
    To neglect