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Dimidium facti, qui coepit, habet. (Horace, Epistles 1, 2, 40)

Başlamak bitirmenin yarısıdır.

Beginning is half done.


The Course Consists of Videos, Audio Recordings, and Interactive Exercises.

LEARN: Videos will give you the structure and you’ll be filling it in with vocabulary.

UNIT 1: Distinct Sounds in the Turkish Language – Video

LISTEN: Audio recordings will show you the real language in action. They are designed in accordance with the grammar videos.

UNIT 8: Talking About Your Schedule With a Friend – Audio

Sample Notes (pdf)

READ and PRACTICE: Thousands of interactive exercises prevent you to forget what you had learned.

At the end of the course,

1. Have enough knowledge to pass the B1 level in official exams.
2. Understand movies or newspapers because you will learn real Turkish, not the mechanical textbook language.
3. You’ll sound like a native speaker because you will acquire many slang words, expressions, and cultural references that you can’t find anywhere else.