Introduction: Make Friends in the University

One of the most important reasons to learn a foreign language is to meet new people. If you come to Turkey to study at a university, it’ll be easier for you to make friends. In the dialogue, you’ll hear two classmates trying to understand whether they are in the right classroom or not.

Please try to answer the following questions by listening to the dialogue:

  • How many times will they have homework?
  • How many mid-term exams will be held?
  • Do the students have to participate in every lesson?
  • How many lesson credits does Kemal have?
  • What’s the major of Kemal? What’s the major of Esin?

Key Vocabulary:

  • Sınıf
  • Ders
  • Derslik
  • Kaçırmak
    To miss
  • İşleyiş
    The way the lesson is taught
  • Vize, ara sınav
  • Zorunluluk
  • Devam zorunluluğu
    Compulsory attendance
  • Sanki
    Seems like
  • Öyle
    Like that
  • (Dersi) geçmek
    To pass the course
  • Mühendis
  • Mühendislik
  • Çift anadal
    Double major