Introduction: Talking to the Hotel Receptionist

Having a basic conversation with the hotel receptionist, expressing what do you want, and asking simple questions can help you a lot during your vacation. In the dialogue, you’ll hear a basic conversation between a receptionist and a guest.

Please try to answer the following questions by listening to the dialogue:

  • How did the guest made the reservation?
  • What’s the name of the visitor and her husband?
  • What’s the reservation number?
  • For how long is the reservation?
  • What’s the number of the room?
  • Where are the fish restaurants?
  • How to go to the city museum?
  • Where to buy the transportation card?

Key Vocabulary:

  1. Cazip
  2. Keyif
  3. Arıza
    Fault, breakdown
  4. Emin olmak
    To be sure
  5. Kayıt
  6. İhtimal
    Chance, probability
  7. Durak
    Stop, station