Introduction: Taking a Taxi to the Istanbul Airport

Even though shuttles are going to the airport, you may need to take a taxi to Istanbul Airport. In the dialogue, you’ll hear a conversation with a taxi driver and learn some useful words and phrases that you can use in Turkey.

Please try to answer the following questions by listening to the dialogue:

  • What’s the name of the street?
  • What’s the number and the color of the apartment?
  • Where does the customer want to go?
  • Does the taxi accept credit cards?
  • Do they prefer to go by Karaköy or Beşiktaş? Why?
  • Which route is more expensive?
  • How much does the trip cost?

Key Vocabulary:

  • Durak
    Stop, station
  • Sokak
  • Acelem var
    I’m in a hurry
  • Acaba
    I wonder
  • Kabul etmek
    To accept
  • (Uçak) Kalkmak
    To take off
  • Uçak
  • Saniye
  • Dakika
  • Yoksa
  • Oran
  • Tekrardan
  • Muhtemelen
  • Önermek
    To recommend
  • İç hatlar
    Domestic flights
  • Dış hatlar
    International flights