Lesson 1: Welcome

Dimidium facti, qui coepit, habet. (Horace, Epistles 1, 2, 40)
Başlamak bitirmenin yarısıdır. (Beginning is half done.)





Lesson 4: How Do You Want Your Turkish Coffee?  – Audio

Turks drink Turkish coffee. (No surprise) You’ll learn how to order Turkish coffee in this lesson. Turkish coffee is prepared in a different way than espresso or instant coffees.


Lesson 5: Consonant Harmony – Video

If vowels have harmony, why not consonants? The second most essential topic is consonant harmony. In this lesson, you’ll learn why these words are not correct: sokakda, çocuku, kitapı, kasapda


Lesson 6: A Conversation With Turkish Police at the New Istanbul Airport – Audio

After completing this lesson, you’ll be able to find your way in the new Istanbul Airport and talk to Turkish Police, if you need.

New Istanbul Airport: very controversial because of its size and its location. In this lesson, you’ll hear a dialogue between a tourist and Turkish police. If you are planning a holiday in Turkey, this lesson will help you at the airport for sure.



Lesson 7: Numbers and Some Useful Question Words – Video

Buying interesting stuff in the grocery store or grand bazaar is one of the most fun activities if you are in a foreign country. Let’s learn numbers and words that will help you to do a bargain…

At the end of the lesson, you’ll be able to use question words like where, when, how much and be able to ask any simple questions.



Lesson 8: Talking About Your Schedule With a Friend – Video

You’ll hear two colleagues talking about their schedule in the dialogue. You’ll learn some useful sentences like “How’s schedule tomorrow?” or “Do you want to meet tomorrow?“.








Lesson 15: Talking About Your Antalya Holiday – Audio/Video

Antalya is maybe the busiest city in Turkey in summer because of its beaches and hotels. After you finish your holiday, you may want to talk about how was your holiday with your friends or colleagues.





Lesson 19: Getting to Asian Side By Ferry – Audio/Video

Thousands of people travel through Bosphorus every day by the historical ferries. As the boat takes off, Istanbul’s vast landscape gradually unfolds in front of you while the seagulls chase the boat in search of food.



Lesson 21: Going to the Street Bazaar – Audio/Video

Turks like to buy their food in Street Bazaars (Pazar) that are set up on a specific day in a specific location.


Lesson 22: Princes’ Island from an old Greek Istanbulian – Audio/Video

Istanbul has been a cosmopolitan city throughout history. Even though it has been homogenized in the last century, many ethnic minorities are still living in the city such as Arabs, Armenians, Greeks, Bulgarians, Jews, Kurds, etc.


Lesson 23: What Changes in Expat’s Life After Moving to Istanbul – Audio/Video

Istanbul is one of the biggest cities in the world and has its own rules. Apart from the cultural shock, you may need to get used to these rules which you can only learn by having the experience.





Lesson 27: How to Return an Item? – Audio/Video

In the dialogue, you’ll hear a customer trying to return a t-shirt because it comes out to be faulty. You’ll learn useful terminology such as “return”, “invoice” or ”faulty”.


Lesson 28: How to Order Kebap Over the Phone? – Audio

If you check fridge magnets in a Turkish house, you would immediately find a phone number of a kebap place. It’s essential to have a kebap place near you that you rely on.


Lesson 29: How to Order Food on yemeksepeti.com? – Audio

Yemeksepeti.com is a food delivery company in which you can find almost all the restaurants in your city and order any type of food.




Lesson 32: Calling for a Çilingir – Audio

Probably you have locked yourself out at least once in your life. For such situations, locksmiths stick their ads on the door casing.


Lesson 33: Looking For a Job as an Expat – Audio

Working as an ex-pat can be fun! It’d help you to make more friends, earn some income and of course improve your Turkish skills. But how can you find a job in Turkey?





Lesson 37: Museum Card – Enter All the Museums Really Cheap – Audio

Museum pass card lets you enter almost all of the museums and sites like Hagia Sophia (Aya Sofya), Topkapı Palace (Topkapı Sarayı), Cappadocia (Kapadokya) and many more.


Lesson 38: Talking to the Hotel Receptionist – Audio

Having a basic conversation with the hotel receptionist, expressing what do you want and asking simple questions can help you a lot during your vacation.


Lesson 39: Professions and What Do They Do? – Audio

It’s a bit cliché but still so true. ‘Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.’



Lesson 41: Buying Meds in Pharmacy – Audio

You can obtain various drugs in pharmacies without prescriptions. Knowing how to say “painkiller”, “medication” or “pill” can be useful during your time in Turkey.


Lesson 42: Buying Fresh Fruits and Vegetables in Manav – Audio

Compare to going to Pazar, shopping in Manav (grocery store) can be a little bit more expensive but you can find organic and exported fruits and vegetables any time of the week.


Lesson 43: Buying Cinema Tickets – Audio

Netflix and other services entered our lives very fast and are the reasons why we go to cinemas less frequently than before. But let’s be honest, cinema is a whole different experience. In the dialogue, you’ll hear someone buying cinema tickets and getting a discount.


Lesson 44: Ask Someone Out in Turkish – Audio

It’s always easier to learn a foreign language if you are in a relationship with a native person. And you never know when and where you’ll fall in love.


Lesson 45: How to Find a Book in the Library? – Audio

It is an important step to carry out simple tasks in the foreign language you are learning but can you carry out a complex task? In the dialogue, the librarian explains how to find the book you want.


Lesson 46: Turkish You Need When Driving a Car – Audio

Knowing how to say “handbrake”, “step on the gas” or “clutch” might be useful. In the dialogue, you’ll hear one friend teaching another how to drive.


Lesson 47: Make Friends in the University – Audio

One of the most important reasons to learn a foreign language is to meet new people. If you come to Turkey to study at a university, it’ll be easier for you to make friends.


Lesson 48: How to Order Food in a Restaurant? – Audio

Ordering food in a restaurant is an important experience in which you learn new words and phrases quickly. It’s also a great opportunity to practice what you have learned.


Lesson 49: Shopping in Fatih – Audio

Fatih is the most touristic area in Istanbul today as it was the heart of the Ottoman Empire. Kapalıçarşı, Sultan Ahmet Camii and Aya Sofya Müzesi are there.


Lesson 50: Erasmus Program – Going to Turkey to Study – Audio

Erasmus program is a student exchange program established in 1987. Thanks to it, students can study some part of their undergraduate education in another country.


Lesson 51: Talking About Food at a Restaurant – Audio

Having lunch or dinner outside is one of the most fun activities if you’re having tasty food in your dish. Complaining about your food is as important as eating it.


Lesson 52: How to Find a Flat in Emlakçı – Audio

Finding a nice flat in a beautiful neighborhood can be difficult for an ex-pat. But it’s very important as it’ll affect where you’ll go shopping, socialize with your friends or which public transportation you’ll use.


Lesson 53: Turkish Coffee Fortune Telling (Extra Audios) – Audio

Do you believe in fortune-telling? If no, would you change your opinion if you see a fortune-teller accurately talking about your past and future?